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Emphasis on Trans folx!

A smorgasbord of content! From Social, Legal, Youth Medical and more, Andrea James' brilliant site is extremely useful! Parents and educators, she's got you covered too.

This organization is about policy change. All the many pertinent issues affecting the lives of trans folx and their families are addressed. Vital information about your rights are on this site.

Dedicated to promoting health care equity worldwide, OutCare has a provider database, community resources, provides health care equity training, mentorship and more.

Very little is known about the lives of LGBT people because the main sources of data do not collect sexual orientation data. The answers can influence the development of programs and policies that affect the lives of LGBTs in the United States and elsewhere. Whether you're feeling wonky or just curious, there's a plethora of data here in this evolving document.

The site for young people. Questioning your gender and/or sexuality? Looking to make friends? Going through a crisis? Good chance you'll find what you need here.

The Grand Dame of all LGBTQ Centers, New York City's The Center is now 40 years old! Whether you live here or are visiting there's always something going on in the brick and mortar space. There's plenty here virtually as well. 

LHRC is dedicated to improving the health of lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, and their families. To achieve this goal, they create comprehensive programs of research, education and trainings, public events and community collaborations.

This is an evolving list! Please contact me at to let me know about your favorite resource or if there's anything you think I've missed. 

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