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My specialties include:

Are you struggling with coming out or dealing with the fallout from family and friends for being honest with them about who you are? Are you transitioning and looking for support? Are you afraid to come out at all or in a particular situation such as work for fear of any number of things: stigma, discrimination, your personal safety? Or maybe you've been out for years but are still suffering from internalized homophobia from time to time. Any and all of these issues have a toll on our community. Suicide rates among LGBTQ youth are nearly 3 times the rate as their heterosexual peers. The LGBTQ community suffers from higher rates of substance abuse than the population as a whole. I can help you reclaim your self and start to heal from these harmful effects from a society that doesn't accept us 100%. When I say "us," I mean as a cis-gender female lesbian identified woman. 

Most of my clients are LGBTQ+. I particularly enjoy working with trans and gender queer clients;  basically anyone who rejects the binary system of identification. I know that this is a particularly scary (and absolutely despicable) time politically for the trans community and it is taking a toll. I really appreciate this list of terms from the Human Rights Campaign. If you identify yourself in any of these ways, I would appreciate working with you. If you are tired of finding a therapist in NYC who is trans affirming, and are interested in a creative approach, I'm here to help.

Therapy for Marijuana and Alcohol Addiction

Concerned about your alcohol or marijuana use? Let's examine it together. Trying to cut back and looking for support? I can support you. In a 12 Step program and want to go beyond the rooms? I have years of applied experience and can help to deepen yours. Or maybe you've worked the steps but need to explore causes of your drinking and using. Whatever stage you might be in either your using or recovery, together we can discover personalized experiences to help you live a more rewarding and fulfilling life beyond drug and alcohol dependence.

 Performing Artists Struggling with Career Issues/Transitions

Being a performing artist comes with challenging issues: dealing with rejection, performance anxiety and burnout, feeling unfulfilled,  no longer enjoying what you do, or all of the above. If you're struggling with any of these, I can certainly empathize. I can also be part of your healing process and help you overcome the difficulties of these issues and discover something new and unexpected about yourself.

Autism - A Family Approach

As a former music therapy provider at HeartShare, I was delighted to see the unique responses the autistic children have to music and music making. But what about at home? Are you  struggling relating to your child? If they respond well to music, I can help you use music to relate to them in sessions together where you will come away with tools to make music with them at home - no musical experience or ability is needed on your part! Or you are looking for a therapist to help your child work on their IEP goals in a fun and creative way?

Family members of autistic children (of any age) are presented with challenges and often need support. Get in touch! I can support you and your child (siblings too!).

LGBT gender queer competent music therapist with guitar in a garden
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